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What the papers say

A note regarding terminology: The names Scenar and InterX refer to INS devices which operate on the same principles but which were developed in different countries (Russia and USA respectively).

“I am no medical man, so I cannot say for sure how much I owe to the machine. But put it this way, the day before I started using it, I did a 20-minute run on the treadmill and really struggled on level eight. After three days of treatment, I did the same run on level 15 and didn’t feel it at all.”

England rugby international Mike Catt in the Mirror


“Scenar therapy is a breakthrough treatment that really works.”

Ray Klerck, Fitness Editor, Men’s Health Magazine, 2007


“If you suffer from chronic pain, or often find yourself reaching for analgesics, ENAR (a model of Scenar) may offer a better solution… a hand-held electronic device that communicates with your body’s nervous system to help promote healing as well as reduce pain. This non-invasive, non-toxic and energy-efficient form of therapy has been used to treat a range of health problems, including tendonitis, back pain, ulcers, burns, allergies and even musculoskeletal injuries.”

Better Homes and Gardens magazine, May 2007


“Eastern Medicine Meets Western Technology. It was dubbed “the Star Trek Device” by the European press, after the all-curing, energetic medical device used on that popular science fiction series. Cures have been claimed from it for all types of disorders – circulatory, respiratory, neurological, genito-urinary, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, endocrine, immune, psychological…

Ironically, the Scenar was never used in space, but its technology is helping to solve the health-care crisis in Russia, and it could also help solve the health-care crisis in the West. The device works on diseases and dysfunctions of every kind by acting systemically on the energy field of the body… Results reported… have been remarkable. There seem to be very few ailments that it cannot alleviate or cure. To date, over 50,000 cases have been reported involving the device… A large body of information available from research papers, clinical reports and training manuals indicates that, overall, the Scenar is effective in about 80% of cases (where “effectiveness” is defined as a cure in two-thirds of cases and significant improvement in the remainder)…

The Scenar heals by using neuropeptides, the internal pharmacy of chemicals by which the body is kept in physiological balance. Without regulatory peptides being produced by the nerves, the body can adapt to disease states, which may be caused by injury, injection or toxicity. The Scenar stimulates the nervous system to produce its regulatory peptides, thereby prompting the body to heal itself… Because these peptides last for up to several hours, the healing process continues long after the treatment is over.

The healing process is ongoing for another reason. Disease occurs where portions of the body have been blocked from communication with the energetic system that keeps it in balance. The Scenar begins a dialogue with these blocked areas. Once the lines of communication have been re-established, the information-starved areas keep on talking. They want to stretch and move and come back to life. Healing is reported not only in the nervous system, but in conjunction with other chemical imbalances, correcting sleeplessness, appetite, behavioural problems, learning ability, memory, sexual function, and overall physical health.

Arguably, these results could be ascribed to the placebo effect, but British veterinarian, Roger Meacock has achieved results in animals. He has successfully treated horses, pigs, cattle, sheep, dogs and cats with the Scenar, and has found it to be the best available treatment, particularly for musculoskeletal injuries in horses as it gives rapid, profound healing to tendon and ligament injuries. As for the principles behind Scenar treatment, Dr. Meacock explains that the body has a finite amount of energy that must be divided among multiple functions. Its essential survival functions are energy replacement (feeding), reproduction and the fight-or-flight response. Injuries need to be repaired, but only sufficiently for the organism to maintain its survival functions. When repair reaches that level, the stressed organism with insufficient energy for its needs abandons the healing process and returns to eating, reproducing and fleeing enemies. The Scenar works on an information level to remind the body that it still has repair work to do…

No unwanted side effects have been demonstrated [from the Scenar] in over 20 years of use in Russia and Europe. The impulses sent by the device are similar to the body’s own nerve impulses and are quite safe, even for children and pregnant women… Russian research indicates that for long-lasting effectiveness, chronic problems may need treatment three or four times a week for up to six weeks. Acute problems, however, often resolve after only one or two treatments. Fresh injuries or acute inflammatory processes may require intensive treatment once or twice daily for several weeks. They should reduce gradually as the condition improves.”

Natural Health and Vegetarian Life magazine, Winter 2007


“ ‘I’d tried manipulation and physiotherapy, but nothing helped much.’ Liz then had LLLT and says her back is now ‘the best it’s ever been’.”

Daily Mail, October 31st 2006 – Click here to read full article


“For one of the most injury prone players in the sport [Dan Luger] … [the Scenar] provides some insurance against further damage… ‘I’ve used it for problems with my neck and groin and there’s no doubt it speeds up recovery’.”

England rugby international Dan Luger in The Daily Mail, October 2003


“Teaching the body to heal itself naturally.”

The Times, October 2000


“It’s only a little black box, but it may turn out to be a medical miracle. It looks like something out of Star Trek, and indeed, the latest weapon in the war to keep us healthy was developed by Russian scientists to ensure that cosmonauts stayed fighting fit as they floated in the stratosphere. A little black box of tricks that looks exactly like a TV remote control: run it over the body, and the device’s electrical currents are said to stimulate the body to repair itself. It sounds too good to be true. Yet in Russia the Scenar (Self-controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) won its inventors the prestigious Order of Lenin – the equivalent of the Nobel Prize… James Colthurst, a surgeon and qualified homeopath who was also the late Princess Diana’s confidant and allegedly the go-between for her and the author Andrew Morton, was among the first to use the invention in this country. Its approval by the medical authorities here, however, is as a pain agent – and this is the only official medical claim that is being made for it.”

The Scotsman, January 26, 2000


“A breakthrough in non-invasive treatment.”

Kindred Spirit magazine, December 2000


“A Russian invention to keep astronauts in peak condition could be the latest and most revolutionary weapon of the alternative health industry.”

The Daily Mail, November 1999


“Widespread use of this device [Scenar] could save the NHS billions of pounds.”

Surgeon Dr. James Colthurst in The Times, 1999


“You may never have thought it would take a team of Russian scientists to relieve your aches and pains, but that’s exactly the kind of know-how the ENAR (a model of Scenar) therapy system is built on. The hand-held device combines Western electrical biofeedback with Eastern energy medicine to treat a diverse range of disorders. Also very effective against stress and muscle tension, (Scenar) is often described as ‘acupuncture without the needles’ and communicates with the body’s nervous system through an electrical pulse that clears and regulates neuro-energy pathways.”

Virgin (Airways) Blue magazine