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What clients say

A note regarding terminology: The names Scenar and InterX refer to INS devices which operate on the same principles but which were developed in different countries (Russia and USA respectively).

“Kathryn alleviated my painful Achilles tendon injury within just a few weeks. The injury was preventing me from carrying out my favourite pastime – trekking.

While several months of traditional physiotherapy had improved things, the constant nagging pain remained and I was still only able to walk gently up modest hills.

A family friend recommended Kathryn to me and after just a few weeks of treatment, the improvement was astonishing to the extent that I was able to undertake a strenuous trek along the Pyrenees – 200 km in 12 days – with no more than occasional minor discomfort. The swelling and the nagging pain had completely subsided.

Kathryn’s holistic approach also helped with my lower back pain and a hip injury from a car accident. After treatment I felt totally invigorated and have had no recurring problems.

Absolutely fantastic!”

Paul W (Barnet, Herts), aged 61


“Before receiving Scenar treatment I had suffered from a frozen shoulder for over 3 weeks. I could hardly move my arm and was in constant pain. A week’s course of anti–inflammatory medication had produced only a slight reduction in pain. I was struggling to cope – I couldn’t drive, pick up my baby or push a pram. I was worried when I learned that a frozen shoulder can often last for months and that conventional medical treatment offers no reliable cure. How would I cope with a young family without the use of one arm for an extended period?

After my first Scenar treatment with Kathryn Remington I was astonished to find that I could lift my arm up to the horizontal, and that there was a significant reduction in pain.

Two days later, I had my second treatment. At the end of that session I could lift my arm up vertically. I could hardly believe my eyes – it felt like a miracle!

Further Scenar sessions were required to ensure a complete recovery, but I was so relieved and grateful that after that second session I was able to pick up my baby again and begin to resume normal activities.”

Elizabeth B (Harpenden, Herts), aged 37


“I had been in pain for 6 weeks following a fall in which I fractured my wrist. Unfortunately my wrist had not been put in plaster as the fracture had not been seen on the original x-ray.

It was affecting my work as a personal trainer because I was not able to lift any weights. Everyday activities like writing and driving often caused a severe sickening type of pain, and I was woken up most nights by the pain.

I had 2 treatments with Kathryn and after the first treatment there was an immediate improvement in the pain and I was able to move my hand much more. Since I was going on holiday, Kathryn lent me a home use device so I could continue to treat myself. I only needed to use the device 4 times before the pain had completely gone and I was able to use my hand normally.

Needless to say I was delighted with the speed of my recovery.

Kathryn is an extremely skilled practitioner with a very empathetic and kind manner which inspires great confidence and made me feel completely safe and well looked after. I would thoroughly recommend her, (and have done!)”

Jenny S (London N3), aged 60


“Having put up with back pain for 3½ years and having tried several forms of therapy, I was a little sceptical over this alternative form of treatment. However, after the 1st treatment I felt relief immediately and by the end of the 3rd treatment my back pain was 80% better. By the end of the 5th treatment, I couldn’t believe the difference – finally I could sleep the whole night though without pain or getting up to stretch off during the night. If you have found that the more traditional forms of treatment are just not working for you then try Therapy for Pain – yes it’s different; but it works!”

Sharon B (London NW7), aged 39


“I first went to Kathryn 4 years ago for her to treat my hand that was covered in eczema. She used her ‘zapping’ machine on my hand and over night the results were amazing. It stopped itching and throbbing. It cured the problem (and not returned since). I have been to her for various complaints (all with positive outcome). She was fantastic with my 11 year old daughter’s foot. An old injury scar tissue was ‘zapped’ and fixed over night and was able to walk again without pain. I found her to be incredibly kind, knowledgeable (especially as she is a doctor as well as a therapist) and confident that she can fix all challenges. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Dani J (Bushey, Herts), aged 38


“I am a musician playing clarinet and saxophone and over the years this has caused problems with my neck, shoulders and lower back. I also suffered from RSI. I had tried acupuncture, reflexology and osteopathy which did ease the pain to a certain extent.

A friend suggested Kathryn might be able to help and I am so pleased I decided to go ahead. Within 5 sessions I realised my long term problems were easing, and after a further 3 (or 4?) the pain had gone. Now I only need a very occasional top up session to keep me pain free.

I am so grateful to Kathryn for the treatment she has provided which has allowed me once again to enjoy my music.”

Jacky V (Thundridge, Herts), aged 61


“I had been in agony with trigeminal neuralgia, which was casting a terrible shadow over my life. The first few treatments muted the pain and after several more I was completely pain free. I was amazed and overjoyed that finally there was something that could bring me that level of relief. Since that day I have recommended Kathryn and this treatment to friends and family with total confidence.

Kathryn has the skill and experience to be able to combine various treatments, therapies and technologies to her patients’ best advantage. I believe this is the medicine of the future and I am extremely grateful to have been able to take advantage and have access to this.”

Goldie G (London NW4), aged 53


“I have been treated by Kathryn for many years. In particular my ongoing back problems have been successfully alleviated by her device and I no longer suffer the pain that used to restrict my life.

I can recall a time when I had decorators in the house and there was a lot of dust in the air which made me incredibly wheezy. After one treatment the wheezing stopped. This has always stuck in my mind.

Over the years whenever I have had any medical problem, it has always been treated successfully and I have responded very quickly. The treatments are always quick and easy and the results have removed any scepticism I once had.”

Suzanne B (Edgware, Middx), aged 54


“After being diagnosed with a frozen shoulder, I was sent to a physiotherapist and a month later an osteopath. Both were very good and helped my problem, but the pain was still there, and over time did not get any better.

I then contacted Dr Remington. After the first treatment it felt great and following the second treatment I had the first good night’s sleep for six months.

Thank you so much.”

Paul N (Harpenden, Herts), aged 63


“It was in the autumn of 2007 that I had been gardening when I stepped off the ladder and thought I had twisted my right knee.

I came indoors and nearly fainted with excruciating pain in or around my knee. I tried hot water bottles, rubbed in pain killing ointment but all to no avail. The pain moved around my leg, either above or below the knee joint but never in more than one place at a time.

I found sleep almost impossible – there was no relief either sitting, lying down or walking about. The nights seemed endless – I only managed an hour or two every night.

After a few days, I managed to get to my doctor who diagnosed the condition as sciatica and prescribed pain killers which had no effect or relief whatsoever.

A friend suggested that Dr Kathryn Remington, who was a qualified GP, but now working at Therapies for Life, might be able to help me and I rang and arranged a consultation. Dr Remington suggested that a course of Scenar treatment, which works along the nerves in the body and sends messages to the brain, could help my condition.

I am delighted to say that after 9 hourly sessions the pain was gone and I was cured of my sciatica – truly a miracle.

In brief! My sciatica was cured after nine sessions of Scenar therapy by Dr Kathryn Remington – a truly miracle cure I’d recommend to anyone. Long live “Therapies for Life”!

John P (Watford, Herts), aged 74


“I have a long-standing problem with my spine based around a joint malformed at birth and this occasionally flares up and ‘destabilises’, sometimes with exceedingly painful results. I went to see Dr Remington after the most recent flare-up and after having visited a physiotherapist who, despite being recommended by a friend, had (inadvertently) made matters somewhat worse.

By the time I visited Dr Remington I had been in a lot of pain for over a month. I also could not stand straight, was suffering additional neck pain and had my spine in a rather unconventional S shape. I cannot pretend to understand the workings of Dr Remington’s treatment but it is the outcome that seems most important and, after 6 short sessions I was pain-free with a normal-shaped spine (as normal as I ever am anyway) and with almost all of my mobility restored (the rest returned within a further week or two). Equally important, since my sessions with Dr Remington the problem has not recurred – for all of the above I am extremely grateful!

Louis V (NW7, London), aged 48


“With less than five days to go before a skiing holiday, my ankle was so painful that I could hardly walk on it. Not wanting to cancel the holiday, i went to get some Scenar treatment and found that, from just a 30 minute session, the pain had been lessened to such an extent that I could run. One session later and any previous thoughts about cancelling the trip had gone and I looked forward in anticipation to a week of skiing”

Sam P (N10, London), aged 16


“I highly recommend Kathryn’s INS treatment. My neck and shoulder pain had been troubling me for many years and after only three sessions, the discomfort completely eased off and has not recurred. Kathryn is thorough and caring in her approach. Thank you!”

Ros A (Stanmore), aged 53


My normally healthy and very active 10-year-old son had been ill for 3 weeks, including a few days in hospital, with a severe headache, stomach pain, very little appetite, extreme lethargy, but no temperature, and seemingly little that the medical profession could offer to help except the not very comforting advice that it was “probably a virus” and would “probably take 4-6 weeks to clear up”. We were very worried as the diagnosis had not been clear, he had lost weight that he didn’t really have to lose in the first place, and he had already missed 3 weeks of school.

Kathryn treated him with “interactive neurostimulation” and “laser light therapy” and the results were quite astounding. My son went from being horizontal with no sign of improvement in his symptoms to, within about 2 hours of treatment, literally jumping around just like his old self. He had a brief relapse about a month later, but we took him to see Kathryn within 36 hours of him falling ill and this time it was DURING the treatment that his facial expression changed visibly and judging from the non-stop chatter on the way home, he had made a complete recovery that we didn’t have to even wait to get home to experience. That was at the beginning of March 2010, with no further relapses.

Kathryn’s manner with both of us was kind and caring. I have the utmost confidence in both her ability and her integrity.

Janet M’Caw, Harpenden